Maternal and Child Health -- Current Debates

I started going to a chiropractor beginning at the third trimester of my pregnancy.  Although I wasn’t carrying a big baby, or carrying big at all, it was so hard for me to do daily tasks without feeling severe back pain.  During my first visit, the doctor had a difficult time adjusting me because my muscles were cramped up due to all of the hormones that my body was producing.  After a few visits, I stopped having sleep disturbances or excruciating back pain that prevented me from doing daily tasks.

However, your joints are loose because of hormones called relaxin, it is so easy for your bones to be out of alignment again.  Therefore it is important to keep going.  Some people think that this is a technique on how chiropractors try to make money, but really- you do have a choice. If you don’t want to go back and…

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