Who Is Winning the Battle Against Back Pain and How Are They Succeeding?

battle against back painNew Reports Reflect Satisfactory Patient Results with Chiropractic Care

When you or someone you know is looking to relieve the suffering that comes with lower back pain, it is important to research the successes and failures of others who experience the same pain. The Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center has surveyed subscribers to their magazine for the past few years. The Consumer Reports findings, released in April and May 2009, are outlined below:

The Participants in the Survey

  • Over 14,000 of the participants reported lower back pain in the previous year, but did not have back surgery.
  • Half of the survey participants reported that the back pain was severe and limited their daily activities for one week or longer.
  • Many participants reported that the back pain conflicted with their sleep, sex, and goals to maintain an appropriate weight.
  • Of the participants, 86% reported that the back pain was reoccurring throughout the year.
  • Most participants reported trying five or six various treatments for relief.

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